Use of website

Use of website

We welcome you on PetroMarker’s website and we hope that its content will provide you with informative topics related to our technologies and our services. Note that by connecting to this website, you agree to comply with the “Terms and Conditions for Website Use” and the “Statement of Privacy” as detailed hereafter.

Terms and Conditions of Website Use

The content of the website, as a whole or in its elements, is PetroMarker’s sole property. Electronic storage and /or paper printing of news, articles or any other part of the website are allowed for personal, non-commercial use exclusively. Any other use of the content of the website, in any form and shape, requires PetroMarker’s written clearance. As the content of the website is provided for information only, PetroMarker does not accept any liability for any inaccuracy, omission and the use, legal or not, that website visitors may do with said information.

Statement of Privacy

The use of PetroMarker’s website does not imply that personal information such as name and e-mail address are collected. Only domain names are recorded to allow for statistics on the access to the website. If visitors are required to register to be able to log in protected areas of the website, their details will be restricted to the purpose of the protected areas and safeguarded as required by the rules and regulations governing Internet privacy.