One may consider that any man-made activity has an impact on the environment. However, artificial electromagnetic (EM) marine exploration technologies operate within a frequency spectrum which is already occupied by natural EM radiations. So, what is important to consider is the local addition provided by an EM survey.


Marine life friendly technology

Internal studies carried out by service companies and by oil companies have shown that the traditional CSEM technologies are environment friendly and do not harm the marine life.

Similarly to seismic techniques, CSEM technologies require the source to be towed along long profiles while continuously pulsing.

Petromarker’s technology, on the contrary, is designed to pulse while stationary on a specific location.

And calculations demonstrate that the output of our source ceases to be felt within a few metres from the pulsing electrodes.

Petromarker’s technology is definitely the most environment friendly of all marine EM technologies.


Our internal report on the subject is available to oil companies which would like to use PetroMarker’s technology.

Working environment

Preserving the health of offshore personnel is as important as the protection of the environment at large.

PetroMarker regularly commissions certified agencies to conduct verifications on the level of EM radiation produced by its equipment while operating.

The results show levels way below the required industrial standards.


More efficient exploration

The aim of the EM marine exploration technologies is to improve oil companies return on investment by increasing their exploration success rate.

The financial aspect of this assistance has direct environment friendly consequences:

    •  Avoiding unnecessary seismic surveys
    •  Reducing the number of dry wells and appraisal wells

EM surveys, particularly with PetroMarker’s technology, contribute to a better use of resources while preserving the environment.