First Point Assessment Ltd. (FPAL) Approval

PetroMarker shall improve oil exploration success and oil extraction efficiency through offering the highest quality direct hydrocarbon marking services in the oil & gas industry. We shall continually strive to meet our customer’s demands within Health, Safety, Security and Environment – Quality to maintain high customer satisfaction. fpallogo2 First Point Assessment Ltd. (FPAL) Approval PetroMarker has been evaluated by FPAL (First Point Assessment system) and has granted its qualification.

    • First Point Assessment (FPAL) is the oil and gas supply chain database for the UK and The Netherlands and is a division of Achilles Information Limited.
    • FPAL is the key tool used by oil & gas purchasers to identify and select current and potential suppliers when awarding contracts or purchase orders.
    • FPAL was set up in 1996 by the industry as their solution to internal vendor approved lists and continues to successfully eliminate costly duplication in pre-qualifying suppliers.

PetroMarkers registration number is 10051483 Further information can be found on the FPAL website at