Preliminary processing and QC is done offshore to ensure a complete high-quality dataset while still on location. Further processing is applied onshore. All results are delivered in SEGY and HDF5 formats.

A continuous focus on data quality is maintained throughout the data acquisition process. Preliminary quality control (QC) is performed onboard the vessel for a quick look on data quality, to allow potential changes/repeated measurements etc. while on location. Full QC and processing onshore is performed, where only data that matches PetroMarker’s high standards in data quality are accepted and used for interpretation. Properties which are unique to the PetroMarker technology make the data processing simpler than for other CSEM methods on the market. Most notably, the PetroMarker source is turned off while recording the subsurface response, leading to measurements which are undisturbed by the so-called airwave and the direct signal from the source known from other CSEM technologies. All data (EM and metadata, raw data and processed) are provided in a hierarchical and self-documenting data format, HDF5. Interpretations are provided in SEGY format for convenient integration with other geo-data, like seismic and well logs. [ Trend reducing properties intrinsic in output signal from transmitter (e.g. P8). Stacking and binning reduces noise level by several orders of magnitude ]

Data Format

PetroMarker uses the HDF5 format for managing all available data from each survey. HDF5 is a hierarchic data format which is self-documenting, allowing an application to interpret the structure and contents of a file without external information.


All survey data is handled conveniently via the d4 web interface, a custom-designed and state-of-the-art data management system for PetroMarker’s EM data. The d4 system processes and quality controls the datasets, and the data can easily be visualized in several ways using this web interface. Simple processing tasks can also be performed within this application.


The EM data with all relevant metadata are delivered in HDF5 format. Interpretation results are delivered in SEGY format for easy integration with other geo-data in Petrel and similar tools.

Processing 2

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Processing 3