Interpretation and Integration

The acquired data is often interpreted in close collaboration with the client. A thorough understanding of the geological and geophysical conditions in the survey area is vital for a correct interpretation of the EM data.

Depth models are fitted to the measurements, first using simple models, and advancing to more complex models according to constraints from geological input like seismic and well logs. When choosing to acquire EM data in an area, the objective of the client is most often to add information which is not provided fully by other sources of information, like seismic, well logs, geological studies etc. EM data often complements the other geo-data available, and contributes to lowering the drilling risk in exploration settings. PetroMarker has the capabilities to interpret data both in simple and complex geological settings, and use 2D or 3D inversion codes where necessary to obtain the desired results. The full benefit of the EM data is obtained when integrated closely with other types of geo-data like seismic and well logs. An integrated interpretation of EM data with other geo-data maximizes the value for the client.

Seismic and post drilling