2018 IAGC Membership CertificateOnce more, PetroMarker has renewed its membership to the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC). Over 45 years, the IAGC has developed industry guidelines which are very much appreciated and used by oil companies and their geophysical contractors.

PetroMarker places a special emphasis on the HSSE aspects of our activities which also provide informative statistics.

Regarding EM, the IAGC published a study prepared by experts in the fields of fish, marine mammals and seabirds on the environmental impact of electromagnetic equipment. The following is an extract from the conclusion of that study:  “Environmental impact assessment of electromagnetic techniques used for oil & gas exploration & production.”

“Based upon existing knowledge it is concluded that EM survey emissions are detectable by marine animals and may affect their behavior somewhat but that any effect will be localized, affect relatively few members of a population, and will be of relative short duration. Therefore, in general and if local concerns are addressed, it is predicted that EM surveys will not produce significant effects on the marine environment.”

This conclusion concurs with PetroMarker’s own internal studies, with the additional benefit that PetroMarker’s EM sources are stationary when in use, hence limiting even more any environmental impact.