The application of PetroMarker’s EM technology is not limited to prospect evaluations. This technology is also very well suited for delineation of discoveries and reservoir monitoring.

Prospect evaluation

In pre-drilling applications, PetroMarker’s EM technology can reduce the risk of drilling dry holes. Other applications include assigning higher or lower priority to prospects when applied to several prospects.

Delineation of discoveries (appraisal)

After a discovery has been made, it is crucial to determine the size of the discovery to assess if the discovery is economical or not. Due to the localized nature of PetroMarker’s measurements, the lateral dimensions of the discovery may be established with a high degree of accuracy.

Reservoir monitoring

The application of CSEM to time-lapse measurements for reservoir monitoring is still a frontier area due to the high level of accuracy needed to monitor the drainage of a hydrocarbon reservoir over time. PetroMarker is uniquely positioned to become the market leader in this business segment due to our stationary transmitter and receiver equipment. The repeatability using stationary equipment is excellent due to the highly accurate positioning, and is superior to methods based on towed receiver and/or transmitter equipment.

When taking “snapshots” of the resistivity distributions in a producing reservoir at two points in time separated by e.g. 1-2 years or more, the differences in resistivity between the two “snapshots” are directly related to the changes in hydrocarbon saturation in the reservoir caused by production. The drainage can therefore be monitored, and potential “missed” pockets of hydrocarbons can be revealed, thereby increasing the production volumes from the reservoir.